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Jo O’Key lives and breathes the Northern Beaches, Sydney Australia and North East Los Angeles, USA. Both have been recognised as one of the hottest housing markets in their respective Country. After building her real estate business in Los Angeles for 17 years, Jo has also joined the highly successful Collaroy|Dee Why team led by Jill Rafferty. Buying or selling a home is exciting, and it's Jo’s mission to keep it that way. 

Being an early adopter of social media marketing, virtual tours, and online meetings, Jo was ahead of the curve in 2020’s pandemic with skills and social distance packages in place since 2012. Her exceptional negotiating, multi-media skills, and local expert knowledge, have positioned Jo in the industry as the steady pulse the industry has needed. The Northern Beaches is where it's at. You've been dreaming life; it's time to live the dream.

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